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The Department of Geography is one of the pioneer departments in the University of Karachi, established in November 1952. Internationally recognized geographers and teachers including the young and enthusiastic faculty members have eminently served the Department since its inception. The Department has an excellent academic history, which started with Prof. Dr.Manik B. Pithawala as the first Chairman (leading author of local geographical literature, with more than 35 excellent books on local subjects), followed by Prof.Oskar Schmieder, a leading German geographer who also served as Chairman in the Department followed by the leadership of top eminent Geographer of South Asia, Prof. Dr. Iqtidar H. Zaidi (served as Chairman from 1985-1988).

The Department of Geography has been providing teaching and research facilities in various fields of geography for the last 66 years and produced outstanding graduates serving Pakistan and abroad in organizations of international repute. It also organizes Graduate and Post Graduate courses including MS/M.Phil. and Ph.D. programs. It is the only Department amongst all Universities of Pakistan which has hosted International Geography Union Conference, moreover it also hosted 2nd, 5th, 7th and 13th all Pakistan Geographical Conferences in the years 1967, 1987, 1997 and 2008 respectively.

The Department has the honor to produce the largest number of Ph.D./M.Phil. graduates in Pakistan. The prime objective of the department is to impart appropriate knowledge and training to the students in pragmatic geographical research, both in the domains of physical and social sciences. The ultimate product of the Department always remains beneficial and helpful for planning, management, allocation, distribution and evaluation sectors of Pakistan. Department of Geography has strong academic linkages with Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany), University of Salzburg (Austria), Hamburg University (Germany), University of British Columbia, Canada and University of Georgia (USA).


Θ Highest Impact Factor of the Faculty in Pakistan (in Geography/GIS)

Θ 1000 plus citations of the Faculty (Highest in the Country)

Θ Produced highest numbers of quality PhDs/M.Phils in Pakistan in Geography & GIS

Θ Highest undergraduate and Post Graduate enrollment in Pakistan in Geography

Θ Hooked with the Greater Network of National and International Universities

Θ Faculty has Published more than 1000 articles n 100 Books on highly significant subjects

Θ Department holds the largest state-of-the-art GIS, RS & DIP labs.

Θ Faculty have won many national and international Awards, unprecedented in any other Geography Department of Pakistan

Θ The Alumni of the Department established the GIS infrastructure of the utility organizations of Karachi

Θ Organized highest number of national and international Conferences, Seminars and Workshops in Pakistan

Θ The only Department hosted the Association of American Geographers (AAG) Presidents twice in Pakistan

Θ Current/Former Faculty awarded with many Projects by National and International Agencies such as UNDP, UNEP, World Bank, ADB, IUCN, WWF, NHA, GOP, GOS, GOP, HEC etc.

Θ Current/Former Faculty and Alumni won many Prestigious and World Renown PhD and Post Doc Scholarships such as Fulbright, Alexander Von Humbolt, DAAD, HEC scholarship on Merit which honored this Department as the leading Post Doc scholarships holder of Pakistan

Θ Department Alumni holds major GIS executive positions in Pakistan

Θ Department of Geography is the largest Department of Pakistan in terms of Geographical Diversity of the Alumni holding top-notch positions

Θ Department is the only Department of any University of Pakistan, which has the largest collection of Pre-History Tools collected single Handedly by Late Professor Abdur Rauf Khan in a span of 60 years


Geography graduates with Masters’ degree generally find valuable employment in diversified fields:

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) & RS (Remote Sensing)
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Administration
  • Consultants
  • NGOs

    Development authorities and agencies throughout the country utilize their specialty and expertise in many sectors of Human Development. It is more obvious in various government departments have employed geographers for their special skills.

  • Survey of Pakistan
  • Geological Survey of Pakistan
  • Statistical Bureaus
  • Population Census Organization
  • PTCL
  • K-Electric
  • SSGC
  • KWSB
  • CDGK
  • Archeological Department
  • Pakistan Meteorological Department
  • Planning Commission
  • Provincial Departments of Planning and Development

    There are various fields of applications in Pakistan where geographers could excel successfully, especially in the field of Geo-Informatics (GIS & RS) With the growth of Locational Analysis in almost every field of life spatial application, particularly with Geographic Information Systems, is rapidly becoming part of every industry e.g. Uber, Careem, Food Panda, etc

    Giant Chain of Business Organizations like Target, Wallmart, Amazon, Alibaba and many others take services of Geographic Information Scientists to make their business more and more efficient.

    Environmental Systems Research Institute which is more popularly known as ESRI is the world's largest organization where Geographers are of prime importance.

    Private Consulting Firms and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) also utilize the expertise of geographers.

    • One of the four premiere departments of University of Karachi which was established in 1952
    • Permanent Faculty: 100% Ph.D.
    • Department holds the largest state-of-the-art GIS, RS & DIP labs.
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